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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 11, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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the screen. i believe that was my happiest moment of the day. how are you, jonathan? >>jonathan: that was nice. i almost became a star in a single second. >>shepard: you are a star to us, jonathan. just like neil cavuto. >>neil: welcome, everyone, i am neil cavuto here from the site of the vice presidential debate. we are learning these two will go at the numbers, all the numbers, what is being reported and what is not being reported. what is being spent and what is not being aforred to be spent. expect a good deal of discussion on entitlements the vice president says paul ryan wants to destroy and paul ryan says that the obama and biden ticket want to all but ignore. it should be a feisty debate. here is senator rand paul of the fine state of kentucky, a beautiful state. we are told that they are going
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to get down and dirty on the data. that could be interesting. what do you think? >>guest: entitlements are consuming the budget. two-thirds of our budget is entitlements. if you are an elected official and you are unwilling to look at reforming the entitlement you should not be in office. this could be a good discussion to talk about entitlements. >>neil: just over the last four years they have green markedly and we asked some of these, just what has been going on the last four years something i want to bring up with the senator, just on medicare alone, if we can take a look at that and the growth in medicare spending over the last four years to the point where we have gone from $390 billion to $485 billion, but what caught my eye is just those who are benefiting from entitlement programs. this is far more important than what you are showing, disability
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enrollment up 18 percent. medicaid enrollment up 19 percent. food stamp enrollment, north of 65 percent. those are not sustainable numbers. >>guest: the average person pays in $100,000 over their working career into medicare but the average recipient takes out $300,000, multiplied by 50 million people in medicare and that is why we have a $23 trillion deficit in medicare. to save the programs, the republicans want to save them as much as anyone else, to save medicare and social security, they have to be reformed. but the other side is sticking their head in the sand and saying you want to destroy medicare. no, we are trying to preserve medicare. >>neil: this dates back to the reagan administration, senator, and the fact of the matter is, under republican and democratic presidents alike, even adjusted for inflation, the money going out far exceeds inflation year
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in and year out. that is not sustainable math. this comes down to an unpopular issue because then you are going presumably after seniors or you ericing the senior -- are risking the senior vote. i have been talking about changing the programs science i started running. i said inof thebly the age of eligibility when you begin receiving medicare and social security will have to gradually go up. the next generation may age and under. >>neil: what is the cut off age in people in their early 50's who should lock at getting it maybe in their middle to late 50's in what? >>guest: for social security i have a bill that fixes social security for 75 years, wipes out a $6 trillion deficit, gradually raised the age to 70's over 20-year period starting with 56 and under and what we do is means test the benefit.
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the wealthy people get less. if you are wealthy you get a little bit less if you made a decent income. >>neil: here is where both sides risk putting people to sleep. you slain this in bake terms if they outwork each other, no, you are going to steel $700 billion from medicare, no, no, no, you are going to take $700 billion. >>guest: you going to. >>neil: here we go, back-and-forth. how do they avoid that and not leave people at home watching totally confused? >>guest: the main thing to get across, are you willing to do something to save medicare? to save social security? or are you going to say i'm not touching either of them and i will not do anything and i am opposed to all reform. >>neil: the way we are going now is not sustainable why not say that? >>guest: you can but you have to put forward a reform. president obama has not put forward a reform.
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i sat this far away and asked, you can fix social security and medicare i will work with you and you will probably get re-elected if you do that but he refuses to do it. we met with him time and again and said, these are simple mathematical things that have to be done. it is no one's fault. it is because we had a lot of babies after world war ii and less babies in each successful generation and we are living longer. it is a demographic program, not a republican or democrat problem. it could be fixed simply if both sides come together. >>neil: thank you, senator. this bipartisan man to get this under control and thwarts the efforts that paul ryan has taken, that if anything he and his dad have said that plan doesn't go far enough and we have to take a bigger bite out the deficits and overall debt than we are doing now and the most aggressive plan out there. when we talk about cuts this is an oxymoron in washington as it is, maybe every where but walk,
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we are talking about curtailing the growth. no one has talked about reversing those programs. we have a democrat from the fine state of south carolina, that is the reality, is it not, you would think that any effort to pull in the entitlements is like throwing granny off the cliff but we are talking about just slowing the growth. >>guest: thank you very much for having me. look, there are ways to get this done. the fact of the matter is we have to seek a balance. i don't understand why it is that every time we start talking about reforming so-called entitlements, something that people have paid into, a 19-year-old young man or woman, 40 years later they are 59 and still getting social security. if they are paid in at over 40 years, why should they not
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expect a fair return? this whole notion that they are entitled to something that is free, they are paying it to it. same with medicare. when we talk about reforming, like senator paul said, you increase the retirement age. it is sanctimonious for anyone who sits in the air conditioned office all day like we do in the congress and say that our retirement age will be the same if that person going in a coal mine in west virginia every morning and coming out late in the evening and that person --. >>neil: congressman, aren't we doing the same thing that both parties do on reframing the debate so say we are not saying you don't deserve social security or medicare just the path we are on is not sustainable or guaranteed. unless we make adjustments now and stagger the retirement ages
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or benefit ages or benefits for those of better means, we are looking at math on the wall. it is arithemetic and when someone talks about slowing the growth it is akin toil diagnose grandma. can we get beyond that? >>guest: we are past that. that is the not the big issue. the big issue is, remember, you add and subtract and multiplication so look at that when you talk about the arithemetic. for instance, why is it necessary or fair for a person to gets $100,000 to be paying social security on 100 percent of his or her income and another person that makes $200,000 pays in social security only roughly 50 percent.
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>>neil: understood, sir, but you would be open to means testing social security in that case, right? >>guest: i'm open currently to means testing medicare there is a way that people like warren buffett ought to get the same social security return as the coal miner. we ought to look at that. i started my career in the state government working in the employment security commission and i can tell you we have a job classification a dictionary of occupational titles, we can do this by work classification if we want to do work. >>neil: in other words just to be clear, just to be clear, congressman, you are saying that you cannot always do it by tax increases alone because it was even the democratic caucus that concluded that if you were to tax the rich at 100 percent just
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take all their money that would not keep medicare going beyond another five years so obviously >>guest: absolutely. there is a comprehensive way to do this and be fair and balanced. i like to use that term when i talk to you on fox. >>neil: i like that. >>neil: congressman, always a pleasure. thank you very much. we will explore this in greater detail on fox business network with senator mcconnell, and sarah palin, and former intel c.e.o. craig barrett, all coming up on fox business network. now back to fox news, the fallout from the conservatives that has not transpired in kentucky. why is that? >> to hear mitt romney's critics
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tell it he is changing his view midway through the campaign, not to conservative but more moderate, something santorum raised. but they are perfectly happy with this guy who is eloquently speaking for the right. rick santorum, next. try as mu as you like, an way you like! like parmesan crusted shrimp. hurry in, offer ends soon! i'm ryan isabell and i see food differently.
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>>neil: back at the vice presidential debate site in kentucky where the sung of a mitt romney changing gories and -- gears and presenting a different mitt romney will come up on issues like abortion and government regulations and issues like whether everyone will get a tax cut and what he will come back and hit the rich on the health cut. many argue he is moderating the positions something rick santorum warned about during the campaign. if you expect to fine santorum
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upset at his party's nominee, think again. santorum has argued that in bringing more people into the tent mitt romney is clearly proving in the polls that it do serve even with moderating positions, they can and will win. the senator with me right now on the phone. he has a new book, to boot. senator, good to you have. >>guest: thanks for having me on i appreciate it. >>neil: senator, what is your science about the feeling of many of the mother conservative republicans some of whom have been taken back by the moderating positions of mitt romney. some say what happens in a general campaign and others suggest something more sinister. >>guest: i have been pleased he has not moderated that much. i lost a round in the primary with an etch a sketch thanks to a comment and they are going to
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reset and erase everything and start over and i see nod of that. has he changed his position on taxes? no, he was clear during the republican primary he would limit deductions and limit tax cuts to those who are under $50,000. he was criticized for that. but that was his position now and the idea that president obama saying he has run on this and now he is changing, that is not my analysis of mitt romney's position, but on the issue of abortion --. >>neil: you would apply that, senator, to his abortion position? that is what his position has always been? >>guest: this is not mitt romney -- if you want someone who was particularly strong on those issues, someone would was passionate about the issues
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there were other options in the primary but mitt romney is someone who has a commitment to being pro life and he doesn't talk about it a lot and when he does he doesn't do it as compellingly as he does on other issues but he has not backed away. when he has not been particularly clear as he was the other day in iowa, he comes forward and made a statement, i have not changed anything. this is where i was. this is where i am. this is where i'll be. it is a matter in the case of governor romney, where his passion is. his passion as a candidate, it is to turn the economy around and his passion is to shrink the size of government. he made the compelling case in the debate and did an excellent job. >>neil: is it your feeling, senator, that the economy is going the president's way? many of course have doubts about the reliability of the
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government data lately but having said that, it such that the obama folks can say, well, the trend is our friend and the republicans can whine about the economy but it is getting better and it is making mitt romney fight harder. >> when you pump tens and hundreds of millions of what the fed is doing to prop up the stock market and commodity prices and the over all economy, look, the obama administration has about everything the government can possible do and we still at 1 percent or 2 percent growth from the deepest recessions we have ever had. this is part of the regulatory policy of this administration is blowing in the opposite direction. as hard as the fed is trying to do it and as much as the private
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sector is trying to regain the horrible chinament this president, not just regulatory, but climate in terms of how the president talks to the business communities, how he is against the american entrepreneur and business american, this has a very negative effect on this economy and we are seeing it. the idea that somehow this economy is recovering anywhere near what it should be is a joke and everyone knows it. >>neil: senator, always good chatting with you. thank you. that was senator rick santorum. speaking of senators that is another battle going on, republicans want to take over the senate. that battle is proving harder than they thought when the campaign got started. that is ahead. 0t[h7
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>>neil: you probably heard earlier today a security office killed in yemen the anniversary of the "uss cole" attack a little more than a month after the benghazi attacks that claimed the life of the u.s. ambassador there. we are only learning now that the original story we are being told what happened then is not jibing with what in fact, actually happened then. and now the senator from new hampshire is here and all things tonight. senator, i was mentioning to my staff earlier, not jokingly, maybe we should write down ought the dates and all anniversaryies because --. >>guest: you think of what happened in libya on 9/11 to
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fought have heightened security on that day and if light of having the head of al qaeda calls for attacks because we killed his number two in libya on a drone attack. what happened in yemen, of course, with the security official --. >>neil: that could have been bigger. >>guest: absolutely. >>neil: what is going on, senator, beside yemen and beach gaza and the uprising we have seen in cairo? it is more than a film, obviously, it seems to be something bigger or grander or more evil. >>guest: well, unfortunately, what the president has been saying that al qaeda has been set back on its heels and somehow we have put them down. not true. >>neil: the president or the white house deliberately kept the word "terrorism" and or al qaeda a new threat, political
4:25 pm
reasons there? >>guest: i have a problem with ambassador rice going on all the shows and there is no protest before this incident in libya. we know that it was connected to al qaeda and it was obvious from the beginning it was a terrorist incident. do you not come to a protest with the kanters and automatic weapons. i have to say i wrote to her along with senator john mccain and senator graham, saying why did you say this and she wrote back and said the intelligence community told me this. we now have written the intelligence community, meaning the director clapper and director people address and said what did you know and what did you tell her in but we have nut heard a response. it is important to get to the bottom of it because it is either deliberately misleading the american people or incompetence. >>neil: we do know enough about the late ambassador
4:26 pm
stevens' concern of increasing violence. he must have cabled this to the state department? you requested the cables to the state department? >>guest: i know that congressman issa's committee is trying to get the cables. that request has been made. the american people deserve to know the truth. one of the most troubling things is the changing stories we see from this administration about what happened in libya. it is really important we know. >>neil: how much of a focus should paul ryan make? unconscious obviously the economy is the foremost issue but there are two questions for the vice president. the first one is when the administration, when ambassador rice went on television and you have had all the conflicting stories why did this happen?
4:27 pm
why did this misleading of the american people happen? you really have to answer that for the american people. second, there were requests for more security at the embassy, why was the security so inadequate? if light of the threats that were made and the prior incidents in libya. those are two questions the vice president should have to answer tonight. >>neil: thank you. on this kind of a debate they can bring up both issues it could be very lively and involved, 90 minutes where they go at each other on issues that are as varied as the latest jobless figures to the state of the world. it is going to be a big night. >> we know he became an unexpected star and subject of the last debate. will donald trump's name come up at this vice presidential debate? donald trump is ready even if it does not.
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i love having so many choices in pharmacies. talk about convenient. i can even have my prescriptions sent right to my mailbox. [ male announcer ] remember: the time to switch starts october 15th and ends december 7th -- and you don't have to be an aarp member to enroll. unitedhealthcare is committed to delivering a health care experience you'll truly value. call today. i am so ready to call. >> donald trump is a small business. i know he doesn't think of himself as small anything. >> it is not just wealthy people thai are taxing. >>neil: donald trump's name comes up in the darnest places. it is too early to say if he comes up in the vice presidential debate tonight but the presidential debate was all over the definition of who is if
4:32 pm
small business and what defines maul business. the romney camp say they account for 3 percent of the returns and those benefits from, or not from the higher rates. they account for quadruple that in the number of jobs. donald trump joining us on the phone. do you suspect your name comes up tonight on this very issue? >> i was honored when i heard i was watching the debate and i thought mitt romney did fantastic and i name was mentioned and i said, well, that is sort of cool. i doubt it comes up, i hope it does. but i can't imagine. but it was great. an interesting strategy that guys like you benefit, and mitt romney was trying to say that is not typical, that top range
4:33 pm
covered guys from all the way up from billionaires like yourself and all the way down to the small businesses, and he says they could be in peril for hiring and laying off of workers. does that resonate? >>guest: to a certain extent. i have thousands of people i employ over years i have employed tens of thousands. i'm a very big job provider. when they use me as an example, it is an example of exactly that, you have to take it and say that is a nice thing and steve wynn said almost what you said to the letter, that he feels defended as a job provider that he hasn't done enough and he should do more. he is disappointed in president obama saying he voted for president obama but he seems
4:34 pm
like he has buyer's remorse. what do you think? >>guest: steve is a good friend of mine, a terrific guy. he is a job provider. he is angered by what is going on and he is angered by what people are starting to think of this country. >>neil: you say stuff like this and you mentioned something interesting, steve wynn, when he talked about talking to many, many business men and women who say the same thing, but they don't say the same thing publicly. why do, if that is the case, so few in the business community speak out to the degree if they have real concerns about the president the way you do or steve wynn does? the president has gone through a lifetime where people don't criticize him. you can say whatever the reason is and everyone has different
4:35 pm
reasons but he has gone through a life of lack of criticism. the single biggest point of criticism was the poor performance in the debate. that was a very poor performance. on the other hand, mitt romney was fantastic. he did a great job. people have not criticized obama. they don't want to be called racist. you call bill clinton essentially a racist. i know bill clinton and that is not a racist. but people don't want to be put in that position. until this last week, i have never seen so much negativity about president obama as i have not last week. that is because of his performance. they don't want do criticize. i don't know if they are afraid to criticize or what. they don't want to criticize him. we need certainty. one of the things that steve is saying, this country has no certainty. we don't know where the tax codes are going we don't know
4:36 pm
anything that is happening, we are afraid to invest, we don't know what the future holds and that stops people from being hired. and i don't mean the phony 7.8 percent being hired, a number coming out of the blue, and that number will be adjusted after the election, way up. you know that and so does everyone else. we need --. >>neil: you do not think it was a good? a goof? a goof? >> they have been re-adjusting the numbers. the problem is the adjustment and the re-adjustment will be after the election. we will have to see what happens. even the economists that are obama economists say that is unbelievable. no one predicted that. >>neil: done am trump, always
4:37 pm
a pleasure. thank you very much, donald trump in new york. the jobs figure and how reliable it is or what it says of this recovery that will come up, no doubt, in the auditorium this evening when paul ryan and joe biden go toe to toe tonight. >> very suspicious or very stupid? that matter how you look at latest job numbers whether it was last month's job report, with the stunning 7.8 percent unemployment report or the latest stunning drop in jobless claims, you are now getting data that is, at best, well, screwy. is it what it appears? is that a deliberate intent on the part of the administration to cook the employment boxes. herman cain thinks so. he is next.
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>>neil: in danville, kentucky, hours away from the vice president and the guy who wants to be vice president, set to debate tonight. herman cain watching all of this very closely. herman, i am looking at this on a day we got good news on the job front, figures that were so low it prompted some saying it could be cooked or fixed like the debate over the employment data and labor comes out with a statement saying that nothing was unusual going on here. in fact, they said that no state was left out of this study, that the 30,000 drop in claims was just an ongoing natural phenomenon of an improving economy. what do you make of that? >>guest: neil, i don't buy it. it doesn't add up. if no state was left out, give
4:42 pm
us the name of the states. g.d.p. went down last quarter, to 1.3 percent. i have been doing my own jobs report for the past six or seven eights on our job creators solutions tour. here is the question i have asked 1,500 business owners. do you have jobs but you are not hiring because of uncertain difficult? all of the hands go up. because of uncertainty, they are not hiring. this is a sample of 1,500 business people in 17 different cities we have traveled to. i don't buy that jobs report. joe buy that number reported today because at one point they say that a state was left out, and they come back and say the state was put in. it doesn't add up. it doesn't agree. >>neil: what do you make of
4:43 pm
it? congressman issa is questioning the reliability of the numbers. what do you think? >>guest: it should be investigated. the public has a right to know how they calculated it, how they changed the process from one point to odd. walter williams, a noted economist, he questioned it, and he has raised the issue that they changed the method obligation to give them the better result. that is what i believe is happening. a lot of people will be gullible enough to believe it but i have talked to 1,500 business owner myself and they don't believe it. they are not hiring, because of uncertainty they don't plan to hire until --. >>neil: so when romney says he will not quibble with the
4:44 pm
accuracy of the report, but he will not quibble with it, what do you think? >>guest: that is fine. he should stay on message with respect who to you he will town the economy around, his energy message, and the message on spending which is what i am talking to business owners about each week on the job creation tours. he is making a right decision to stay on his message and not quibble about the jobs number. most people that are job creators they understand and know that the numbers do not jibe. a fair and balanced view from senator ben nelson when the government data is questioned but it does come back to this, is it a case of a way to force the numbers your way? or is it just stupid numbers in, stupid numbers out?
4:45 pm
more of that after this. >> do you notice anything different about this debate venue? the debate. we have not seen a table used in a vice presidential or presidential debate sin the one between dick cheney and john edwards. the table is useful because we are told, cheney's folks said it makes for a calmer discussion of issues and both sides can, well, shoot the breeze. but if the table favors the more seasoned guy, does it favor joe biten. republicans are hoping tonight that table will favor the younger guy, the guy who was just three years old when i don't biden was elected senator.
4:46 pm
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>>neil: this is going to be a front and center subject and they could raise it in the debate. what is a catastrophe, like in washington, dc this weekend, for special coverage of the crisis you probably don't know but should. the end of this year, a a group of events that are scary when all the tax cuts expire and mother things kick in, they will all go, all at the same time, the same stroke of midnight, something that some economist say could shave a full percentage point off of our g.d.p. and that is roughly our g.d.p. it could push us back into a resignature. why are very few people racing this question in either party, republicans or democrats? we are on it, like, from
4:50 pm
washington, dc. hope you join us for that. in kentucky, for this, senator ben nelson joining me right now. why is it that issue doesn't really come up and that is staring us in the face? >>guest: well, it is such a horrific event, this sequester, that if it were to occur, because of consequences if you will, this across-the-board cuts. people have been trying to run from it rather than face it right away. that happen add year ago with the potential default, kick the can down the road, don't deal with it today. i'm not even sure when we get back right after the election in
4:51 pm
november there will be an effort to deal with it but kick it down the road for the 2013 congress. the minority found out according to the rules of the senate you can stop things from happening and blame the majority for getting nothing done. that's part of the blame game rather than --. >>neil: you said, senator, both sides are to blame and you both agreed if you could not get this solved you would have the back up plan of the automatic sequestration cuts. >>guest: i voted against it. i voted against it. >>neil: what happened, then, senator, they are looking at the reality the sequestration cuts and finding a way around that. i am like the nerd at fox but i talk to market guys and say if both parties abandon the sequestration cuts, this will be hell to pay because it means you keep changing your own rules.
4:52 pm
that is the problem. when i was on the rules i didn't know we had rules and then i found everyone wants to change them to their advantage. that is a critical situation to us because it is allowing the congress to kick things down the road. >>neil: do you think that will happen, senator, they will come to some sort of a tentative agreement to push this off for six months, whether president obama is re-elected or there is a president elect romney, and that cooler heads presumably prevail in the new year and push it back a few months? >>guest: i hope that is not the case. there is so much to deal with in so little time. you get squeezed at the end of the game and you cannot win. if it is in the range of winning you can get it done.
4:53 pm
i don't know if this is in the range of winning. we are down to the two-minute drill and there is too far to go. >>neil: thank you, sir, always a pleasure. >>neil: a lot does depend on the election, right? even the makeup of the senate, a fellow would hopes to be instrumental to that debate on the big issues is the texas republican senatorial candidate. we called his opponent, by the way, and he has yet to call us back but hope springs eternal. what do you make of what the senator just said in if they push that off, that could be damaging, punting, even by a lame duck congress? >> we have an enormous fits california challenge because congress cannot get spending under control and our national debt is out-of-control.
4:54 pm
sequestration is the wrong solution, particularly the military under president obama there has already been $500 billion taken out of military. a sequestration, if it goes in effect, that is another $500 billion. those are draconian cuts that would immore april our ability to protect our national security. this is still a very, very dangerous world. it is unfortunate brinksmanship on the part of the president and both parties bear blame, but they ericing the men and women in the military and our national security rather than getting serious about fixing the first dallas and economic challenges. >>neil: do you worry and i know you are in support for the military and we talking about cuts and a budget, a defense budget that will be larger in 10 years than it is now, and it is the republicans respond opposition to touching defense is it different from democrats' concern over so much is slowing
4:55 pm
the growth of entitlements so that you guys are diametrically opposed to solve this which we had the sequestration cuts we did, and it is almost in your dan to get nothing done, obviously you want to come to the senate to change that, are you worried that it is just built into the system to get nothing done? i certainly agree that with this congress that is the state of the affairs and the big part of the reason is harry reid as majority leader. harry reid as majority leader of the senator has killed bill after bill after bill. the house of representatives, to its credit, has tried to pass serious legislation pulling in spending and addressing our crushing debt and each of the bills goes to the senate and dies. under harry reid the senate democrats have not had a budget in three years. they are not pretending to try to fix the problems. that is irresponsible. i am hopeful and optimistic, we are going to see a tremendous
4:56 pm
result if just 3 1/2 weeks on election day. if we see if you leaders in the senate and we see harry reid retired as majority leader and mitt romney in the white house, the expectations going to be on congress to stop all the talking, roll up our sleeves and get serious fixing the problem. >>neil: folks this is not a republican or democratic argument, $4 billion a day. that is how were we add to our debt as both sides blame the other side. are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands?
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>> neil: all right. we are back here for fox business network, 8:00 tonight eastern time from kentucky. with the likes of senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. we have greg barrett. i know you're saying neil, neil, neil,


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